Organizational Fitness Quantified

The Organisation Fitness Status Scorecard has materialised from the Quantification processes Kontextit developed over the past decade in cooperation with Mathematicians from an internationally respected university.

This is a Unique Invention that objectively, through Quantification and on one page, brings together the Status of Fitness of the key hardware of an organisation to enable delivery.

The Scorecard highlights, on one page, the appropriateness, strength and quality of the company’s “hardware” in relation to:

   · Strategy
   · Roles and Organisation Structure
   · Teams
   · People.

With one glance the areas of weakness are clear and the necessary supportive interventions, as per Kontextit’s suite of processes and products, are in place to assist in the process of affecting change.

From this objective measurement, joint decisions about appropriate interventions are formulated to grow company self-sustainability along the lines of our philosophy that “companies have it takes to be successful and self-sustainable.

This result in Optimally Targeted and Cost Effective interventions and change management

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