About Us

Kontextit is a fully integrated Organization Solutions company providing unique processes, technologies and products relevant to Scenario Planning, Organization Strategy, Organization Structure, Job Design and Development across the world. We leverage years of international experience in the development of unique solutions to enable companies to operate optimally in today’s business environment.

We pride ourselves in the development and recent introduction to market of the World’s 1st Breakthrough Quantification Technologies that enable companies to become objective regarding the strength and quality of various aspects of the business, e.g.:
Organizational positioning, setup and structure design

Strength and quality of the above have been difficult to measure and were mostly done based on judgement. This then was leveraged in the hope that it will contribute to the company’s bottom line. This is all changing as quantification of strength and quality now enables well considered calculated decisions.

Quantification, as a result of its robustness, has become a keystone permeating everything we do from strategy, to organization structure, job design, people and teak assessment and alignment, new systems e.g. Job Evaluation and Remuneration (a breakthrough new world approach), Talent and Succession Management and more.

We have exposure to various industrial sectors: Extraction (mining); Finance (banking and insurance); Research; Media; Agriculture; Energy; Communications and others and have worked in various countries e.g. Africa – Ghana, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland; South America – Peru, Brazil, Chili; North America – USA, Canada; Australia; UK.

Through our technologies, based on Quantifiable delivery, we are leaders in enabling organizations to become self-sustainable value generating organizations, empowering its people for success and enable organizations, through its success, to play its vital role in the prosperity of communities and the economies of the future.

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