Performance Management

Performance Management focusing on:
· Job value delivery, not activity;
· Enabling delivery, not controlling;
· Growth and development.

Unique qualities of our Performance Management approach:
· Performance objectives set against a job delivery based role in support of business objectives.  It is of no use measuring a Business
Manager on e.g. Production targets which is the Production Manager’s objective.  Both cannot be responsible for the same thing.  The
Business Manager should e.g. be measured on profit or available cash flow.  This forces appropriate focus and appropriate activity to
ensure value delivery.
· Performance objectives that are delivery (the what), not activity (the how).  Activity should be at the discretion of the role holder as
that is what he/she gets remunerated for.  If performance objectives are based on activities, the role holder is reduced to an operator.
Companies may consider having a strategic plan in place as a performance objective  This is in fact merely an activity towards an
· Performance discussion is a continuous process of enabling rather than control and checking.
· Identification of delivery related development gaps

· Performance management focused on business results, job delivery and value add.
· Performance discussions focused on enabling company growth through performance enabling and the growth and development of

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