Company Strategy Quantified

Strategy Design – World 1st Quantification for objective discourse on Strength and Quality of Strategy


  • A company strategy fit for purpose and with appropriate strength and quality to continuously deliver value.
  • A strategy that enables the company to remain on top of future uncertainties and volatilities, identify emerging challenges, pre-empts change and maintain company strategic positioning and relevance.

2 Options available:

  1. Establishing a scenario based continuous strategy process to stay on top of your game and/or
  2. Application of Quantification to objectively evaluate strategy, to shape weaknesses and leverage strengths through robust objective discourse.


  • Quantification of strategic plans as well as detailed strategic actions, assist in determining the strength and quality of these in context to enable refinement or a complete rethink and redesign to gear companies for its future.
  • Identify “real core” strategic issues going forward.
  • Identify critical gaps without which substandard strategies will be developed;
  • Critically understand how the core business idea needs to be molded to differentiate the business in the market.


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