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Organisation Delivery Fitness through measuring Key Drivers of Organisational Success

Measuring the Strength and Quality of company strategy, structure, teams and people is key to determining appropriateness, strength and quality in value delivery capacity of the organisation. Based on globally accepted and recognized characteristics of strategy and work, the necessary shaping and alignment work can then be done for advancing value creation and delivery at critically reduced cost of change. These changes, affected by people inside the organisation, through value delivery based roles, then drives maximum and measurable value generation.

Raise your company’s delivery through numerical measurement of core Organizational DNA Quality. ONLINE EVENT

Corrected Invitation with access.  For the first time in history core organisational DNA, that contribute to organizational success and delivery, can be numerically measured.

Ask yourself:

  • how will you respond to findings indicating the company’s strategy lagging the market requirement by -32% ? OR
  • how will you respond when it becomes clear that the strength within the operations team lags the actual requirement by the same -32% especially if you expect different delivery and nothing happens?.

Research up to now has indicated a direct correlation between the percentage gap and actual organizational outcomes – e.g. missing the target in the above case.  For the first time in history it is now possible, through this quantifiable measurement processes and technologies to:

  1. determine these deviations – gaps, overlaps, inefficiencies, etc.
  2. determine the size and seriousness thereof.
  3. clearly indicate what needs to change, being focused in change, thereby saving substantially on cost of change to company.

This discussion will provide opportunity to share these new developments and also allow opportunity for questions.

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Quantified Organisation Delivery Fitness – Breakthrough in Strategy and Organisation Development

Kontextit’s World 1st Quantification Organisation Developement technology is a breakthrough in Organisation Strategy, Design and Efficiency. It objectively measures the appropriateness, strength and quality of design and delivery. It is a breakthrough that brings objectivity into debating and changing for value delivery.  Visit out website:

Strategy: An Objective quantification of appropriateness, strength and quality.

Read a case study, as an example to this article, on the investigation into the quality and strength of strategy.  Quantification, a numerical expression of the appropriateness, exact quality and strength allows for objective discourse and optimal adaptation and change.  Link that to an investigation into the objective quantification of executive quality and strength of insight to deliver appropriate value and gain a better understanding of the challenges facing the company to achieve its strategic intent.