Talent Management/Succession Quantified

Talent and Succession Quantified

A world first Scientific Quantification methodology to timeously identify and develop the right people for the right positions, vertically and horizontally, now and for future roles.

Unique qualities of our approach
·Objectively quantify the readiness in strength and quality, short to long-term, of individuals to move into various positions, horizontally and vertically, over time.
·Objective strength and quality quantification of positions and people allows for direct objective comparison of scope and planning that highlights developmental needs for short, medium and long-term to ensure talent availability and readiness.
·A simple, flexible, but powerful colour coding system that visibly pictures the readiness of people for advancement, vertically or horizontally.

·Talent management and Succession Management for optimal value contribution at all levels in the organisation due to integrated strategic people resources planning and optimal talent management for short and long-term sustainability.
·Identification of strengths and weaknesses in the talent portfolio for timeous intervention to sustain business continuity.
·Exposing the fallacy that your best current performers are necessarily the best person to take the next vertical challenge, or that your disengaged underperformer are not up for consideration to take on a new challenge.
·Doing away with complex systems sometimes difficult to understand or implement.
·We cover the full spectrum from Executive to first line management.

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