World 1st Quantification

World First OD Quantification Technologies

Success or failure of companies in future will be determined by their ability to Deliver Appropriate Value of Appropriate Quality and Strength to meet its multi-faceted challenges in context. These contexts refer to e.g. external systemic issues, company strategy, organisation setup and design, its people and systems.

Kontextit’s Quantification systems and technologies have brought an opportunity to express appropriateness, quality and strength of various organisation aspects in numbers for:
• objective compare and contrast analysis,
• targeted and cost effective intervention
• optimal deployment of teams and people
• optimal management of value generation
• and working towards the establishment of organisations that can become self-sustainable.

Quantification brings the opportunity to objectively measure the gap between current and required reality. Challenges become evident and the nature of change required for optimal delivery focus become obvious.

Kontextit developed various processes and technologies to quantify organisational challenges in relation to:
Design and structure
Teams and individuals.

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